Core Values/Guiding Principles

Integrity – Members shall be expected to do what is right at all times

Accountability – Members shall take ownership of their actions, with a commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards at all times.

Anti-corruption – Members shall not indulge in corrupt practices in any form.

Democracy and Good Governance – Leaders to be popularly elected and to lead in a transparent manner, maintaining strong relations with the general membership. All members shall be expected to respect the elected leaders.

Non partisan – Elected members shall not engage in partisan politics.

Social responsibility – NAWE shall respond to the needs of the society in which it operates and beyond.

Environmental considerations – NAWE members, in doing their business, shall always be mindful of any negative impact on the environment.

The NAWE Code of Conduct shall also cover the following areas :

Business ethics (Set of moral principles)

  • Members shall adhere to good business practices at all times.
  • Corruption in al forms shall not be permitted in the conduct of business by members.
  • Fair labour practices shall be the norms for all members
  • Members shall observe confidentiality of sensitive information in strategic matters as determined by the Association.

B. Election of Office Bearers

* In electing office holders for the Association, consideration shall be given to regional representation where applicable.

C. Attending NAWE Meeting

* Attending scheduled NAWE meetings shall be an important duty by all members. Frequent absenteeism shall not be permitted, absenteeism of three consecutive meetings without acceptable reasons shall be penalized by loss of membership, the absenting member shall be notified in writing by NAWE before being penalized.

D. Conflict of Interest

* Members shall declare their interests and when a subject in which a member has an interest comes up for discussion, such a member shall participate in the discussions but shall not vote as a demonstration of good governance.

E. Political Activism

* Leaders of the Association shall not be active members of political parties such as holding a leadership position in a political party.

* Members will not use the Association as a political platform.

F. Neutrality

* The Association shall maintain political, ethical and religious neutrality at all times.

G. Equity and Equality

In all its programs and activities, the Association shall strive for equity and equality for all members. The Association will not tolerate any discrimination among members.

H. Representating of Member’s Views

NAWE leaders shall avoid, at all times, the temptation of pushing their own ideas rather than the idea obtained from members. Decisions must be made by majority of members who are present at any meeting.

I. Funding of NAWE

Members of the Association shall endeavour to raise funds from their own resources and other sources, for the running of NAWE such as:

Registration fees

Annual membership fees (Dues)

Conferences and Business Events



In addition the Association may receive in kind contributions and thereafter acknowledge them.

J. Penalties for non-compliance of this Code

* Penalties for non-compliance of any tenet of this Code of Conduct shall be determined by the Ethics and Disciplinary Committee of the Association on a case by case basis. In the unlikely event of any conflict. The chain of seeking redress is as follows:

Written and signed report to Chapter Executive Council of the Complainant – Report to (through the Director General) to the National Executive Council – through the (National President) to the chairperson Board of Trustees whose arbitration on the matter will be FINAL, (on advice from NAWE Legal Adviser).

Any attempt at engaging legal services without first exhausting the internal mechanism will attract EXPULSION from the Association. Chapters who still deal with expelled members will be disbanded and their rights of operation withdrawn.

K. Amendment of the Code of Conduct

* This Code of Conduct may be amended at any time if so determined by members of NAWE in an Annual General Meeting that is properly constituted in accordance with the NAWE Constitution Amendments of the Code of Conduct and other key documents of NAWE can only be effected by 50% + 1 majority of registered financial members.

* The proposal of amendment shall be done in writing and circulated to all members at least two months in advance.

L. Contact with the Media

* Members are NOT expected to address the press on behalf of the Association unless so appointed or designated by the National Executive Council. Unwholesome posts on social media that DO NOT add value to NAWE is prohibited.

Use of social media to settle scores or make allegations is NOT permitted.

Foul language on any platform, which will bring NAWE or its elected officers to disrepute is NOT allowed.

M By signing this document on behalf of my chapter, we agree to abide by the Code of Conduct in its entirety for the duration of the Association.