Welcome to  the official website of Nigerian Association of Women Entrepreneurs [ NAWE ]

NAWE is an Economic, Government initiated organization for Nigerian women totally devoted to Entrepreneurship Development, Inaugurated, 29th April 1993. It is registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. It has a Board of Trustees.

It is run by women entrepreneurs , volunteering their time, and its strength lies in the diversity of skills, insights and knowledge, each of its members contribute through their involvement in the activities of the Association. As a result of this, NAWE creates a powerful nurturing environment that facilitates not only business growth but personal growth amongst its members and associates. NAWE envisages: capacity building and product networking. Access to communication, Technology and Economic empowerment.

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NAWE exists to ensure empowerment of women for a better Nigeria. To actualise this, it facilitates for its members, skills development, capacity building, policy reform initiatives and information technology solutions.

To work as a team towards a shared social objective to reach a greater number of women through the programs of NAWE, …

NAWE has cherished notions and beliefs which guide every move that it makes. Viz, Volunteerism (of the members), Transparency, Commitment; Engaging in needs-based advocacy